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With conscious consumption on the rise and a more mindful consumer emerging amongst younger audiences in particular, it’s no surprise we’ve seen a huge rise in low/no alcohol drinks coming to market. Enter Mood – the ready to drink brand tackling your social ups and downs from dawn til dusk. With the addition of adaptogens & nootropics, the brand pinpoints key mood slumps over a 24 hour period, offering natural alternatives to boost confidence, and reduce anxiety in social settings. Marmalade developed Mood’s positioning to reflect the positive effects of the drink itself – combining upbeat, conversational tone of voice with a vivid colour palette. Mood’s signature ‘astro-swooshes’ build playful brand recognition across all platforms.   

The natural drinks brand putting the pep in your step, from dawn til dusk.

Mood Drinks

With a can that indicates when its peak powers are active, Mood offers a range of natural liquid boosts, formulated to enhance and encourage our best selves throughout the day.

Referencing meme culture and relatable humour in Mood’s tone of voice meant we could develop a brand with a sense of inclusivity, and simplicity at its core.