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Sparkling wine has historically been seen as the lesser relative of champagne. However, with changing climates and consumer behaviours shifting towards local production, our work on Hawfinch became about celebrating new-age British, rather than justifying its place in the industry. With this in mind, we chose to embrace the region’s junior status and throw out the rule book. The playful punched and foiled bubbles, paired with traditional and digital typography feel young and confident, whilst visually rich. In homage to the Hawfinch, an extremely rare species of bird native to the English isles, we injected the brand with a rich tapestry of colours, textures, and photography, mirroring its markings and elusive nature. By reinventing the spirit of the English countryside, Hawfinch bridges the gap between quintessential British heritage and the exciting future of a growing industry.

Bottling New-age British for an Exciting Era in UK Wine Production


The digital space focuses on brand narrative, mirroring the rich visual language used throughout the Hawfinch product.