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Wolford #TrueCharacter

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Marmalade were briefed to design and produce a major relaunch event to shatter outdated brand perceptions and re-establish Wolford as a fearless trailblazer in the hosiery industry. The #TrueCharacter event coincided with a bold new brand initiative, asking guests to leave their inhibitions at the door and turn their back on the everyday mundane. Through a series of brand-defining and immersive experiences, guests were encouraged to unleash their alter-ego and get reacquainted with the uninhibited new Wolford.

Re-establishing the brand as an avantgarde voice in the hosiery industry

Wolford #TrueCharacter

We created an immersive experience to reclaim centre stage and challenge perceptions

Disruptive invitations and event graphics echoed Wolford's new brand voice

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